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Social Research was founded by a community of scholars known as the University in Exile, refugees from Nazi Europe who found a home at The New School. Based in New School for Social Research, Endangered Scholars Worldwide is an initiative founded on the conviction that academic freedom and freedom of inquiry are basic human rights. We are dedicated to raising public awareness and support for intellectuals, academics, researchers, and students who have been threatened, silenced, or imprisoned simply for doing their scholarly work or speaking out against the injustices around them. In 2007, responding to the wrongful imprisonment of one of our New School colleagues (who was also a Social Research author) in Iran and the political sentencing and imprisonment of a New School alumnus in Ethiopia, we made the decision to devote a section of our journal to raising awareness of endangered and imprisoned scholars around the world. This website features the genesis of Endangered Scholars Worldwide, which is our way of remaining faithful to the founding vision of the University in Exile. 

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Arien Mack is the Albert and Monette Marrow Professor of Psychology at the New School for Social Research and editor since 1970 of Social Research: An International Quarterly of Political and Social Science. She recently was named Director of the new Center for Public Scholarship at the New School.  She is the author with Irvin Rock of Inattentional Blindness and a great many research articles in her field of Visual Perception and Cognition.

Editor, Social Research: An International Quarterly

Arien Mack


Ebby Abramson is a Ph.D. student in political science at the University of Ottawa and a research associate and editor for Endangered Scholars Worldwide. Abramson worked for the United Nations Office for Disarmament Affairs, the New School, Cardozo School of law, and The George Washington University.  He holds a master’s degree in international affairs from the New School in New York City.

Editor, Researcher; Endangered Scholars Worldwide

Ebby Abramson

Are you a threatened scholar or student?

If you are a scholar or student who has been threatened or imprisoned, please fill out this Form.