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Ethiopia State of Higher Education: 35,000 Students to Quit Class from 22 Universities.

According to a report published by the Ethiopia's Ministry of Science and Higher Education, the protest and unrest has made 35,000 students to quit class from 22 universities.

The ministry stated that it has taken various disciplinary measures against hundreds of university staff and students who are suspected of involvement in unrest.

"The ministry has also formed a committee to prevent the recurrence of unrest in Ethiopian universities, as well as facilitate the return of 35,000 university students back to their studies.”

Dire Dawa University campus | Photo Credit: Facebook

Ethnic triggered clashes in various Ethiopian universities since last November has killed more than ten students and left many others injured.

The clashes have prompted Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed to warn that his government could close down universities if the unrest continues.

In recent years, Ethiopia's higher education institutions have become scenes of violence between students over ethnic and religious differences. Students, professors, and academics have been increasingly targeted in violent attacks—an unacceptable trend that hurts the future of societies at large. Universities, as symbols of freedom, empowerment, and peace are attacked for the values they promote, values that stand in strong contrast with the extremist ideology now dominant in Ethiopia.