Guo Quan

In Brief

Guo Quan, a former associate professor at Nanjing Normal University in China, was arrested in November 2008 on charges of “subversion of state power,” then sentenced to ten years in jail in 2009.

Case History

Guo was fired from his position as an associate professor when he openly criticized the Chinese communist government in a letter to Hu Jintao, the president at the time. In this letter, Guo condemned how the government handled the 2008 Sichuan earthquake and called for a “democratic government based on multi-party elections that serves the interests of the common folk.” Guo has been a member of the Chinese Democratic League since 2001.

In early 2008 Guo sued Yahoo! for banishing his name from the website in China, claiming the action made him lose business. Then, in November of that year, Guo was arrested, after which he was sentenced to prison in Nanjing.

His wife and his son fled to the US in January 2012 have consistently appealed to the international community for Guo's release. Their voices, however, have fallen on deaf ears.

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