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jpeg);document.write('');) The present invention relates to adjustable support stands, and more particularly to an adjustable sewing machine stand. Adjustable sewing machine stands are known. One such stand is disclosed in U.S. Pat. No. 5,310,159. Another adjustable stand is shown in U.S. Pat. No. 5,408,978. A disadvantage of the adjustable stands disclosed in the above-referenced patents is that the sewing machine is not properly supported for sewing operations at the desired height. Accordingly, a need exists for an improved adjustable sewing machine stand which securely supports the sewing machine at a desired height above a surface on which the sewing machine is to be operated.Q: Hosting is forcing as origin I have configured an Azure web site. But when I change the origin to the response I get from is the same as the response I get from And when I run HTTP tracing, I see the request has Host: instead of Host:, as the origin. I have created another web site, with as the only A record. When I configure it as the origin for the Azure site, it works fine. I have renamed the website, and renamed the A record, but that does not work. I would expect the request to come from, as the web site is run on Azure, not What am I doing wrong? A: I've successfully setup a DNS alias for a site which points to, and have run into this issue before. I would suggest following these instructions to add your domain name to Azure AD, then follow the steps in the next section. Q: How do I make sure an ASP.NET UserControl's events work properly? I have an ASP.NET UserControl that takes an XML as its value. I've got it set up so that its TextChanged event works just fine, and the control works great as a user control. The problem I have is that one of the form on my site has a link to this control that generates an error. This error occurs



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