Turkey sacks 10,000 more civil servants

Under a legislative decree that published on Saturday, Turkish authorities fired more than 10,000 public servants for alleged ties to the movement affiliated with exiled cleric Fethullah Gulen, and shut down 15 media outlets, state-run news agency Anadolu reported.

The new decree "made it easier to sack public officials believed to be members of terrorist organizations or groups involved in activities against the country's national security," Anadolu reported.


"The little formal autonomy we had at the universities has been totally abolished yesterday by the same decree which gives the 'elected' president the absolute power over the appointment of the university's rector positions. The institution of 'university' as we know it is over in Turkey, Professor Halil Ibrahim Yenigun, a research fellow at the Europe in the Middle East (Transregionale Studien), who currently is in Berlin informed Endangered Scholars Worldwide. 


Yenigün himself was dismissed from his position at İstanbul Commerce University in February 2016, for signing the Academics for Peace petition. 


More than 100,000 people had already been sacked or suspended and 37,000 arrested since the abortive putsch in an unprecedented crackdown President Erdogan says is crucial for wiping out the network of Gulen from the state apparatus.


Thousands more academics, teachers, health workers, prison guards and forensics experts were among the latest to be removed from their posts through two new executive decrees published on the Official Gazette late on Saturday.


Opposition parties described the move as a coup in itself. The continued crackdown has also raised concerns over the functioning of the state.


"What the government and Erdogan are doing right now is a direct coup against the rule of law and democracy," Sezgin Tanrikulu, an MP from the main opposition Republican People's Party (CHP), said in a Periscope broadcast posted on Twitter.



Updated tally of Turkish academics who have been fired from their positions, facing prosecution:
(Last Update: Novembre 16, 2016, 9:00 AM, EST)


Batman University 

Professor Düzgün Çakırca (Architecture)


Please send appeals to: 

Rector, Prof. Dr. Abdüsselam Uluçam, 
Batman University

Email: abdusselam.ulucam@batman.edu.tr


Cumhuriyet University: 

1. Professor Ali Çeliksöz (Parasitology)
2. Professor Sebahat Demirel Akkaya (Fine Arts)   


Please send appeals to: 

Rector, Prof. Dr. Alim Yıldız

Cumhuriyet University 

Email: ayildiz@cumhuriyet.edu.tr


Düzce University

Professor Latife Akyüz (Sociology) 


Please send appeals to: 
Rector, Prof. Dr. Nigar Demircan Çakar,

Düzce University

Email: duzceuniversitesi@hs01.kep.tr


Fırat University

1. Serdar Başçetin (Research Assistant - Political Science and Public Administration) 

2. Serdar Çagırga  (Research Assistant - International Relations)

Please send appeals to: 

Rector, Prof. Dr. Kutbeddin Demirdağ

Fırat University

Email: kdemirdag@firat.edu.tr


Gaziantep University

1. Nalan Mumcu ( research Assistant - Media, Radio, TV, Cinema)
2. Professor Rana Gürbüz (
3. Sedat Erçin (
Research Assistant - Public Law)
4. Professor Pınar Şenoğuz (Sociology)

5. Professor Fulya Doğruel (Sociology)


Please send appeals to: 
Rector, Prof. Dr. Ali Gür

Gaziantep University
Email: aligur@gantep.edu.tr


İstanbul University

1. Professor Zeynep Kıvılcım (Political Science and International Relations)
2. Professor Erhan Keleşoğlu ( Political Science and International Relations)
3. Professor Ertan Ersoy (Economy)
4. Professor T. Hakan Ongan (Economy)
5. Professor Ahsen Deniz Morva  (Media Studies) 


Please send appeals to: 
Rector, Prof. Dr. Mahmut Ak

İstanbul University



Mardin Artuklu University

Professor Naif Bezwan-Bilmedi (Political Science and International Relations)


Please send appeals to: 
Rector, Prof. Dr. Ahmet Ağırakça

Mardin Artuklu University

Email: artuklu@artuklu.edu.tr


Ministry of National Education

Nihat KotlukÖğretmen ( Lecturer - Physics) 


Please send appeals to: 
İsmet Yılmaz


Ministry of National Education, Republic of Turkey
Email: ismet.yilmaz@tbmm.gov.tr
Fax: 0090 312 417 70 27


Ministyry of Science, Industry and Technology

Elif Sandal Önal (Political Science)


Please send appeals to: 
Dr. Faruk Özlü, Minister
Minister of Science, Industry and Technology

Email: faruk.ozlu@tbmm.gov.tr
Fax: 0090 312 219 67 45"


Munzur (Tunceli) University

Professor Veysel Demir (Environmental Engineering) 


Please send appeals to: 
Rector, Prof. Dr. Ubeyde İpek

Munzur (Tunceli) University

Email: universite@tunceli.edu.tr


Türkisch-Deutsche Universität

Professor Mehmet Efe Caman (International Relations)


Please send appeals to: 
Rektor, Prof. Dr. Halit

Türkisch-Deutsche Universität

Email: Akkanat, akkanat@tau.edu.tr


Yalova University

1. Onur Yıldız     (Research Assistant- International Relations)
2. Selda Altınok  (Research Assistant- Social Work)
3. Hande Gülen  (Research Assistant-  Social Work)


Please send appeals to: 

Vice Rector, Professor Hüseyin Yıldırım

Yalova University

Email: huseyin@yalova.edu.tr



Endangered Scholars Worldwide Supports Academics under Attack in Turkey


This war against academics started long before the attempted coup. On January 10 of this year, a group of scholars calling themselves Academics for Peace signed an open letter calling on the Turkish government to end its violence in the Kurdish provinces. The next day, Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan accused the signatories and the organizers of treason and called for them to be punished. The Turkish judiciary system initiated public prosecutions under Turkish anti-terror laws, alleging defamation of the Turkish state and accusing signatories of spreading “terrorist organization propaganda.” Turkey’s Higher Education Council (YÖK) ordered university rectors to commence disciplinary investigations. Numerous suspensions, dismissals, and imprisonments followed.


Endangered Scholars Worldwide is deeply concerned about the detention of and professional retaliation against academics and human rights activists in Turkey in response to their exercise of the rights to academic freedom, free expression and free association, conduct that is expressly protected under the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, to both of which Turkey is a party. The ongoing tensions in Turkey have a profoundly destructive effect on academic freedom and represent a grave threat to higher education on a national scale.  


We at Endangered Scholars Worldwide urge Turkish officials to honor their constitutional obligations to protect the institutional integrity of universities and the academic freedom of scholars and academics. 


Endangered Scholars Worldwide calls on the United Nations General Assembly, and member governments, to put pressure on the Turkish government and express concern over the actions taken by Turkish officials against universities and higher education establishments in Turkey.


Please join The New School, the home of the original University in Exile and Endangered Scholars Worldwide, in calling on Turkish authorities to:


  • cease their attacks on Turkish academics and universities;

  • free those who have been arrested without cause;

  • allow those who wish to travel freely outside the country to do so; and

  • make Turkish universities once again the havens of freedom of inquiry and free expression that all great universities must be.



ESW Stands With "Academics For Peace" in Turkey: Urgent Call for Solidarity


Members of “Academics for Peace” and Education and Science Workers Union (Eğitim-SEN) have been removed from their positions in public higher education institutions permanently. 


In January 2016, 2,218 scholars from Turkey signed a petition titled “We will not be a party to this crime,” also known as the Peace Petition. Since then the signatories (“Academics for Peace”) have been subject to heavy pressure and persecution. Hundreds of them have faced criminal and disciplinary investigations, custody, imprisonment, or violent threats. Several academics have been dismissed or suspended, some were forced to resign or leave the country. 


Turkey experienced a failed coup attempt on July 15, 2016, and the Turkish government holds the religious group led by the US resident cleric Fethullah Gülen responsible. After the coup attempt, the Government and university administrations have continued targeting the Academics for Peace with the pretext of purging Gülen affiliated individuals from public service. 


The latest mass purge came late at night on Thursday, September 1, 2016 via a cabinet decree within the context of the state of emergency rule. More than 41 Peace Petition signatories were deemed “supporters of terrorism” and banned from public service, alongside more than 40,000 public service employees. Note that many of the signatories have already been under administrative investigations for signing the Peace Petition for months, without a conclusion. The dismissal of the signatories overnight with a fait accompli of a State of Emergency decree is a serious violation of their basic human right to fair trial and due process. Dismissed under the conditions of state of emergency, they will neither be able to appeal the decision nor work in public sector for a lifetime; their passports will also be revoked. 


This latest attempt to purge Academics for Peace by linking them to coup plotters is outrageous and unacceptable. Government of Turkey is taking advantage of the State of Emergency rule to crack down all critical voices, including those who have no relation to the Gülen organization or the coup attempt. We urgently demand that our colleagues get reinstated to their positions and have their employee rights fully restored.


Please disseminate our call for solidarity in your networks. Ask your college, university, professional organization, or union to publish a statement in support of academics in Turkey, and send it to government and university officials in Turkey.    


Please send appeals to:


His Excellency Recep Tayyip Erdoğan

President of Turkey

Office of the President

06573 Basbakanlik 



Fax: +90 312 417 04 76 


His Excellency Bekir Bozdağ

Minister of Justice 

06669 Kizilay 



Fax: +90 312 419 3370










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