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Brazilian Student Killed in Nicaragua

Updated: Mar 13, 2022

A Brazilian medical student and 350 other people have been killed amid the political unrest that has rocked Nicaragua since April 2018.

According to Ernesto Medina, rector of the American University of Managua, Rayneia Lima was driving near the National Autonomous University of Nicaragua on the evening of July 23, 2018 when her car was riddled by bullets that struck her vital organs.

The rector stated that the shots fired by armed, progovernment civilians who took over the National Autonomous University of Nicaragua on July 13.

Lima was a sixth-year medical student doing her residency at the police-run Carlos Roberto Huembes Hospital in Managua.

Nicaragua’s National Police said that a “private security guard” was responsible for Lima’s death, saying he opened fire “under circumstances that have not yet been determined.”

Endangered Scholars Worldwide calls for letters, faxes, and emails urging the Nicaraguan authorities to investigate the situation, to publicly explain the circumstances that led to Rayneia Lima’s death, and to hold the institutions involved in this painful loss accountable.


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