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China Bars Professor at Australian University from Leaving

Updated: Mar 13, 2022

An Australian academic researching human rights and barred from leaving China by state security agents on suspicion of endangering national security has been told not to reveal the details of his ordeal.

Chongyi Feng, a professor at the University of Technology, Sydney, was stopped twice at immigration checkpoints at Guangzhou airport while attempting to take flights to Australia, his lawyer said.

He has not been formally detained or arrested and is still living at his hotel with his wife.

Feng, 56, was born in southern China. His lawyer confirmed that though he has permanent residence in Australia, he is not a citizen. Even so, the case has ignited demands that the Australian government do more to secure his quick release.

Former Australian foreign minister Bob Carr says he is making representations in Beijing and Canberra about the case.

"He is an Australian permanent resident, not an Australian citizen, and the Chinese government doesn't recognize if someone holds Chinese nationality, they don't recognize dual citizenship," he said.

Endangered Scholars Worldwide will continue to closely monitor the situation and remain in contact with Chinese authorities.


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