Imprisoned Bahraini Scholar Went on Hunger Strike

Endangered Scholars Worldwide recently learned that on July 8, 2021, 59-year-old Abduljalil Al-Singace, former head of the Department of Engineering at the University of Bahrain, human rights defender and blogger who is serving a life sentence for his role in Bahrain’s pro-democracy uprising during the 2011 Arab Spring, went on a hunger strike. He started the strike in protest of the treatment he is receiving in prison: The lack of healthcare, harassment from the prison guards, illegal search of his mail and private items in his cell, and confiscation of a book manuscript he wrote in prison. The Bahraini authorities rejected the claims of poor healthcare as a reason for release. As of September 27, after 76 days of his hunger strike during which he consumed only water and milk powder, he has lost more than 40 lb. Dr. Al-Singace has several chronic illnesses, including post-polio syndrome and a musculoskeletal condition that requires the use of crutches or a wheelchair, making his hunger strike gravely dangerous.