Israeli Forces Launch Another Raid on al-Quds University in East Jerusalem

Updated: May 1, 2019

Israeli forces stormed the campus of al-Quds University in the East Jerusalem village of Abu Dis early on Tuesday morning, damaging property, local sources told Ma’an.

Israeli guards stand outside the gate of al-Quds University in 2015. (AFP)

Israeli troops raided the university campus at 3 AM and left at 5 AM. During the two hours, they locked campus security guards in one room after breaking their walkie-talkies. The soldiers then ransacked a building hosting the Dean of Students and destroyed property, including printers.

Israeli forces also stormed the Faculty of Islamic Studies and broke into the students activity center, destroying material in an exhibition students were working on.

An Israeli army spokesperson told Ma’an that as part of “operational activity,” Israeli forces seized material belonging to Hamas’ educational arm al-Kutla al-Islamiyah, including propaganda for Hamas. The spokesperson added that such propaganda was used for “incitement” and encouraged “terrorism against Israeli citizens and security forces.”

Both Palestinian and Israeli leadership have accused each other of inciting and encouraging the current wave of upheaval in the occupied Palestinian territory and Israel that began in October.

Israeli forces have stormed university campuses across the Palestinian territory several times since the beginning of 2016, with al-Quds University in particular finding itself a focal point of violent clashes between Palestinian students and Israeli soldiers.

Hundreds of Israeli soldiers stormed al-Quds University in January, confiscating equipment and documents belonging to its student union. Earlier that month, Israeli forces also confiscated and damaged equipment at Birzeit University in a predawn raid.

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