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Jailed Bahraini Human Rights Defender Denied Medical Treatment Again

Updated: Mar 13, 2022

On July 17, 2018, Endangered Scholars Worldwide learned that Bahraini professor and human rights defender Abduljalil Al-Singace has been denied medical treatment for the second time.

Photo Credit:  IFEX

Al-Singace, a professor of mechanical engineering, is serving a life sentence at Bahrain's notoriously brutal Jau Prison for his role in the country’s 2011 uprising. He was accused of attempting to overthrow the government, but his charges are in reality related to his peaceful human rights and political activism.

ESW is gravely concerned over recent reports that Al-Singace is in deteriorating health. Since March 2013, Bahraini officials have continuously ignored his requests for medical attention despite his chronic poliomyelitis, which has left him paralyzed since childhood. In addition to this refusal of medical care, Al-Singace has been subjected to torture and various other forms of mistreatment while in detention. Bahraini officers beat and sexually abused him, and officials forced him to stand on one foot and sign a coerced confession.

ESW calls for letters, emails, and faxes urging authorities to reconsider any convictions related to this scholar's peaceful exercise of free speech and association and to ensure his well-being and access to medical attention in accordance with international human rights standards.


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