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Jailed Iranian Nuclear Scientist Tweets About His Freedom

Updated: Mar 12, 2022

The day after his conditional release from Evin Prison in northwestern Tehran, Twitter became the platform of choice to communicate Iranian nuclear scientist Omid Kokabee's first public message after years of incarceration:

"Greetings to each and every one of you dear friends who never forgot me and were always there to warm my heart to hopes towards a beautiful future. I love you."

The 34-year-old physicist spent the last five years in prison for refusing to work on Iran's military and nuclear research. He was granted a conditional release on August 29, 2016.

Kokabee himself talked about the injustice of his arrest in an open letter he wrote from jail in 2013: "Is it a sin that I don’t want, under any circumstances, to get involved in security and military activities? I have just turned 30 years old after spending two years in prison, when I am eager to pursue scientific research."


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