Letter of Solidarity to Belarusian Students

Endangered Scholars Worldwide condemns the brutal treatment of student protesters in Belarus and stands in solidarity with Belarusians in their struggle for freedom and a peaceful transition to democracy.

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To all of the students in Belarus,

Photo Credit: Change.org

We, the international higher education community, stand in solidarity with the students of Belarus, and condemn state-sanctioned violence against them and all Belarusians. We wish to express our strongest support for their right to protest, and our heartfelt solidarity with all of those arrested, detained, and persecuted by their own government.

The illegal arrests, trials, and imprisonments of Belarus’s finest young minds are particularly abhorrent. We are shocked and deeply concerned by the troubling photos and footage from campuses such as the Minsk State Linguistic University, where police forcefully entered the grounds and detained students for the crime of singing. These actions on university grounds are a matter of grave concern for those of us in Europe and around the globe.

Universities should never be associated with fear, terror, or brutality. These are spaces of debate, discussion, and knowledge. Such violence, especially against them and in these spaces, is appalling and must come to an end. 

This brutality aims at breaking the spirit of the protest. However, the past days and weeks have shone a spotlight on Belarusians’ resilience, pride, and strength. Protests are a fundamental component of a just, peaceful, and democratic society. We strongly affirm this right, especially as it pertains to places of higher education. We stand with the students and their righteous cause: leading all of Belarus to a better future.

Yours in Solidarity,

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