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Mr. Vladimir V. Putin

February 22, 2022

Ukraine is an independent country of its own rich and sophisticated culture.

I have taught dozens of Ukrainian students (who are sensitive, hard-working, and cultured people!) and delivered a paper at Kyiv’s National University-Mohyla Academy. The level of learning there was exceptionally high; it also had an art gallery of excellent quality.

Ukraine is rooted in its long tradition whilst it boasts cultural innovation at the same time: Contemporary literature in Ukrainian, theater, and the other arts are blooming there.

I protest your unacceptable decision of sending troops to Ukraine, hypocritically called “peacekeepers.”

Also, I deplore your actions against civil society (against prisoner of conscience Mr. Alexei A. Navalny and Memorial human rights watchdog) and against LGBTQ culture in Russia and Chechnya.

Peace and democracy must prevail!


Tomasz Kitlinski European citizen 14197 Berlin, Germany


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