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Over 130 Scholars Sign Petition that Calls for Ending Harassment of Teng Biao

Updated: Mar 13, 2022

Over 130 scholars signed a petition organized by Endangered Scholars Worldwide, which condemned the daily public harassment of the courageous Chinese human rights activist and professor, Dr. Teng Biao.

Biao is a currently Grove Human Rights Scholar at Hunter College and Pozen Visiting Professor at the University of Chicago.

Professor Teng Biao | Photo Credit: Teng Biao

As we reported since December 1, 2020, a vocal group of Mandarin-speaking protesters has arrived every morning at Teng Biao’s family residence in West Windsor, NJ, screaming expletives chants and carrying signs emblazoned with false accusations. Teng Biao, a highly respected Chinese human rights activist and scholar, fled China with his family in 2014 after being imprisoned and tortured for his human rights activities and repeatedly clashing with the authorities over his human rights work.

Protesters in Princeton Junction | Photo Credit: Teng Biao

According to Teng Biao and other Chinese dissidents also under attack in the United States and Canada, the person behind these mob-like protesters, is a person accused of immense corruption Guo Wengui— a Chinese businessman based in New York, who has worked on various projects with ousted White House strategist Steve Bannon.

In an article published by Teng Biao in The Chinese New York Times, Teng explains the daily harassment and the complex relation between Guo Wengui, former President Donald Trump, and the war on truth. To read the translated version of the article, click here.

Endangered Scholars Worldwide deplores the harassment of Teng Biao and other Chinese dissidents in the US and Canada,(also in Japan, Australia, New Zealand, and Germany) and we call on Guo Wengui and his followers to stop harassing these brave Chinese dissidents by sending mob-like protesters to their homes.

[If you wish to add your name to the letter, you may do so HERE.]


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