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Ways to help Ukrainian Students and Scholars

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

Endangered Scholars Worldwide emphatically condemns the ongoing war in Ukraine perpetrated by Russian military aggression. In order to support Ukrainian scholars, students, and civilians around the world during this traumatic time, we have compiled a list of resources available through the New University in Exile Consortium and the wider New School community.

The New University in Exile Consortium continues to circulate an Ukraine Statement of Support which is still available for signatures. Please sign and share so that we may express ongoing solidarity with and commitment to the people of Ukraine.

A group of students and faculty from the New School for Social Research have united into Hromada, an online platform and community with an abundance of sources, events, and articles in support of Ukrainians. The following links provided by Hromada are opportunities for displaced and at risk scholars and students. More can be found here.

The University of New Europe, a collective of academics across Europe and the United States, has compiled a list of emergency contacts and funding resources for “scholars and students, artists and cultural workers, journalists, lawyers and human rights activists at risk from Ukraine, Russia and Belarus.” The list is available for review here.

The Cormack Consultancy Group has launched a Twinning Initiative dedicated to supporting Ukrainian universities through strategic international partnerships. If you represent an institution who would be interested in helping rebuild Ukrainian universities, please fill out this form. The initiative’s progress and features are highlighted, as well, in this recent article by the British Universities’ International Liaison Association.

#ScienceforUkraine, an online community dedicated to supporting “opportunities at the university, national, and international level for graduate students and researchers directly affiliated to an academic institution in Ukraine,” frequently posts research positions and academic transfers available around the world. Questions can be directed to

The Democracy Seminar, based in the Transregional Center for Democratic Studies and the New School for Social Research, has launched a forum titled “Russia’s War in Ukraine.” According to the Democracy Seminar, the forum is a collection of insightful contributions from “members of the Democracy Seminar and our extended networks of scholars, activists, journalists, and experts worldwide.”

For more updates, follow us on Twitter @ESWNEWSCHOOL where we continue to circulate information and opportunities for endangered and exiled scholars.

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