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Women’s Lives in Iran: Between the Religious-Traditional and New Horizons: Free 10-Week WEBINAR

Hosted on Zoom – Register here for link


March 14 – May 16, 2023

1pm-2:30pm Eastern Time

Description: This 10-week online seminar will explore the social, political, and cultural contexts that underpin the lives of women in Iran. The co-leaders will examine Iranian women’s lives under sharia law and the ways young women resist religious and ideological cultural politics in Iran in their everyday lives. During the first part of this seminar, the co-leaders will identify and analyze reasons that the Islamic Republic of Iran is experiencing constant street protests, and why women have had no choice but to protest in the streets. It will look at the politics and policies concerning women’s bodies, such as reproductive coercion, child marriage, polygyny, forced pregnancy, and the compulsory wearing of the hijab imposed by the Islamic regime. During the second part of the seminar, the co-leaders will describe the emergence of the main agents of change in society, including women themselves, and explore how Iranian officials are able to sideline their demands.

Weekly Readings: Available on the New University in Exile Consortium's website.

More Information:

Participants who attend at least 8 complete seminar sessions will receive a certificate of satisfactory completion from the Dean of The New School for Social Research. In order to obtain the certificate, participants must register and log in with the same email address each week.

Registration will remain open for the duration of the seminar. Registrants will receive a reminder email with the Zoom link each week.

The seminar sessions will be recorded and available to registrants on Vimeo the following week.

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